Rob Erteman was born and raised in Southern California.  From a feeling as a teenager, he began working at a veterinary clinic exclusively for cats. He studied biochemistry and biology at UCLA and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis in 1982. After 5 years in a conventional medical practice, he began to feel that there was much more to know about animals beyond the scope and structure of his formal education.

In the process of re-evaluating his career, Rob was fortunate to meet Dr. Niek Brouw, a physician in the Hague who has a unique understanding of natural systems in human beings and who developed a unique method of diagnosis, based on obsrvation and perception training, and natural treatment that includes physical exercises and manual techniques. Rob began to take courses and study the knowledge and research of Dr. Brouw.   He studied and did the exercises developed by Dr. Brouw in order to understand the experiences in his own body. In 1991 he began to integrate this method into his veterinary practice and treatment of patients, applying the exercises and manual techniques created by Dr. Brouw, and found that his patients had a more comfortable experience and very often a better outcome with less conventional treatment related to their illness.

He also found that many behavioral issues for which there has been no definitive treatment  responded well to these techniques.

Rob currently practices in California.