Differences in body structure and skull structure can be seen in cats. Thin Siamese cats with narrow faces are naturally social introverts. Some Asian breeds have broader skulls and are natural extroverts.  British Shorthairs, having a more round body type and relatively larger back head,  are emotional introverts, more feeling for themselves and their surroundings.  Manx cats and Bengals are naturally emotionally expressive with strong back muscles and a relatively larger front portion of the skull.   Bengals are also very powerful in movement using the intervertebral muscles for horizontal locomotion.

When allowed to have freedom and safety in their development, cats will move and behave in a way that reflects their structure and natural type.  Bengal cats are very spontaneous and powerful.   British Shorthairs are emotionnally receptive,  they feel their surroundings and tend to be less spontaneous and less powerful than Bengals.  There are a variety of different shapes of Siamese cats.  Many have narrow faces and show their form as social introverts, with less spontaneity than a Bengal and less emotional receptivity than a British Shorthair.  Keep in mind that all cats have all the possibilities to different degrees.

Bengals are naturally emotionally expressive and are very powerful in movement using intervertebral muscles for horizontal movement.